New Stockist 2016 - 16 February 2016

Hello everyone,

I have a new stockist for 2016.

The Borders Textile Towerhouse opened in 2009. The building is the oldest building in Hawick, originally a defensive tower back in the mid 1500s, it is now a museum to celebrate the Borders’ textile industry.

The shop stocks good quality, unique and locally sourced items. I am very excited about having my leathergoods in this beautiful quality shop. It is definitely worth a visit if you want to buy a gift for someone or treat yourself.

Roslyn Whiting

Leather is a natural product, with each item responding differently to tooling, staining and treatment adding to the individuality of each item.

All my leatherwork products are hand tooled so everything I make is unique with its own special character.

I exclusively use vegetable tanned leather. This is the traditional process of tanning leather (using tree bark to tan the leather) and uses fewer chemicals than modern methods, which is better for the environment.

My finished products are treated with a protective cream to make them water resistant. Like with all leather products, if taken care of can last for years.

I enjoy creating fresh and new designs using this traditional craft.

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