About Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft

About Me

I have always been creative, enjoying drawing, painting and embroidery. When I was thirteen, at a youth camp, I got the opportunity to learn how to hand-tool designs onto leather. I instantly loved it, leather is such a lovely natural, tactile product to work with.

I grew up in the city of Aberdeen. My Grandparents lived in a croft around 30 miles away in the beautiful Aberdeenshire countryside. I used to love visiting and felt ‘free’ listening to the birds and animals. Although I grew up in a city, I had a strong pull to the countryside. I now live in the small town of Melrose, surrounded by beautiful Scottish Borders countryside. I use my surrounding countryside as inspiration for my designs making my products unique.

I have an HND in Spatial Design. Although I don’t use my HND to design interiors and exhibitions anymore, I still use my college drawing board for coming up with new product designs.

I am a detailed person; I like to make the best products I can and work hard to use quality methods and source quality materials to make products that will last. I love the thought of my customers enjoying using my products for years.

I enjoy learning and developing my leatherwork skills. Continue to watch my website as I develop new products.

About Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft

About Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft

In 2011 I started Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft as I wanted to draw on my creative skills to make quality leathergoods with a creative twist. Leather is seen as a functional product, which it is, but it means that many of the designs are similar. I want to make products that are unique and have a character of their own.

The business started with hand-tooling designs onto leather and has now grown to include many traditional techniques like hand-stitching. By the nature of the process, anything handmade is unique but I add to this by using my own drawings and designs to create my own products. I take inspiration from my surrounding beautiful countryside in the Scottish Borders, with the Eildon hills and River Tweed.

I have chosen to use traditional methods of craftsmanship where the focus is on using processes that make quality products that will last, rather than speed. Care and attention to detail is given from start to finish. This includes my materials only using top quality leather - mainly British, quality French linen thread and British made Buckles.

We all have our own style. I work in a way that gives you the opportunity to use that style with many items being made bespoke for you. This is especially true with the Leaderfoot range, where you can choose the colour of leather and thread. This means that the turnaround for products is usually 2 – 3 weeks (although this may vary depending on the time of year). I will keep you informed through the process, so you can see the journey of your product. I realise there are times when you need to have something quickly, so I always have a small amount of stock items. Please contact me on crafts@roslynwhiting.co.uk to find out what I have as this is always changing.

So much has happened since 2011, and the business is still developing - I am already working on the next new product… ssshhh… more on that later.

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