About Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft

About Me

I have always been creative, enjoying drawing and painting. When I was thirteen at a youth camp I learned how to hand-tool designs onto leather. I instantly loved it. Leather is a lovely natural, tactile product to work with.

My main inspirations are using traditional methods and the beautiful countryside. My love of the countryside started when I was a child visiting my Grandparents on their croft (small holding).

Leather is generally viewed as a useful product, which it is, but I also see it a medium to be creative with - “creative with leather.”

About Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft

About Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft

In 2011, I decided to turn my love of creativity into a business and launched Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft. I am passionate about making quality products with a creative twist.

Care is taken to use the best quality and durable materials, both naturally and locally sourced where possible. Using vegetable tanned leather and solid brass fittings.

Everything is designed and made in my workshop in the heart of the Scottish Borders. Taking inspiration from the beautiful surrounding countryside.